About US



 Studio SOBAscape is an art duo

Dhitika Muthukrishnan and Athira Muraleedharan. 

We are as different as chalk and cheese, black and yellow, and this becomes a major attribute in our unique style. 

What is it that we do?


 We love art, and as artists, putting our ideas into the several forms like graphic design, interior design, wall art, illustration etc, is what drives us.

We currently take orders and commissions for art, and aim to build a brand of our own as well.

The sky is the limit.

"Why and how 'Soba'?"


 Our inspiration is mostly Indo-Japanese, stemming from the marriage between the culture of our native, India, and our passion for the art and culture of Japan.

'Soba' is a form of Japanese noodles we both love and 'SOBAscape' represents a 'cityscape of soba' imagining each noodle as a single person.